Saturday, June 21, 2008


In Giovanni: The Masseur, the latest and possibly the hottest video featurette by Mission4muscle, you get two fantasies in one. First there is the fantasy of getting a massage by a hot, handsome, muscle stud moving his magic fingers over your body in a sensual massage. There is power behind those fingers as his rippling muscles show. Imagine those big strong masculine hands probing, kneeding and caressing YOUR body. Then there is the fantasy of giving a massage to the sculpted contours of muscle of a handsome competitive bodybuilder. Now imagine this bodybuilder is Frank The Tank. This is an opportunity that even gets the normally cool and collected beefcake stud Giovanni Volta, all hot and horny. After one massage with Frank, Giovanni needs to give himself a personal sensual massage. One with a dramatic climax. Check out this latest video offering from Mission4muscle today. JOIN NOW

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LUCIEN said...

This is an Awesomely sensual video - just the massage of legs and a real connection between these two men who honor muscles more than anything

Admin said...

Thank you for the compliment. Glad to hear you enjoy it. Look for more great videos in the weeks to come.

LUCIEN said...

Seeing the sensual massage of Frank is already a pretty great video. I hope lots of members join the website