Friday, March 7, 2008

Double Photo Gallery Updates This Week - Powerman Priest - Brothers in Arms

In the latest Powerman Priest gallery the Powerman Priest and his muscular contender Frank Defeo will place an unbreakable hold on your heart. They look like they could be brothers... and in their sex appeal, muscularity and masculine attractiveness they are indeed part of the fraternity of muscle gods. As you watch frame by frame, this wrestling match of Titans, you will be placed in a sleeper hold of insatiable desire, from which you will be unable to break free-but then again, you won't want to. Your attention will be pinned to this new album for many rounds and you will be clamoring for a rematch between these muscular athletes.

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CavGuy said...

I have been a fan of Frank Defeo's for a while now, but I love Powerman Priest, Victor & A-Bomb! This is a great website.

Admin said...

Thank you for the compliment cavguy. There are a lot more in the weeks to come as the site is growing bigger and better.