Saturday, February 23, 2008

Video Update - Unreal Flex Appeal - Frank DeFeo

Unreal Flex Appeal shows Frank at his burly best. At 260 (pronounced 2 sexy) he is a phenomenon of muscular form. You are the mirror as Frank poses before you, delighting yo with visions of muscle you only dreamed about. Frank proves very quickly that he is too sexy for his shirt (or pants). He strips down revealing cantelope size bulging biceps, treetrunk quadraceps, gorgeous glutes, powerhouse pecs and vascularity that would make Dracula drool (and you will too). Strap yourselves in for a rollcoaster ride over the peaks and valleys of this sculpted behemoth as he displays his masculine muscular prowess, flexing with satisfying deep growls that accentuate each pose. JOIN NOW! to see this video and more.